Sunday, May 13, 2012

Skydive Newport!!

I have always wanted to go skydiving and I think that this summer I am going to hopefully go! If not this summer definitely before we make our next move. I first noticed that there was skydiving in Newport when I was working the 7th hole (little snack shack) on the golf course. About every 30 mins I would hear a plane's engine slow down wait wait wait AHHHHHH!!! If you listen closely you can hear the people screaming, then they would pull the parachute and glide on down.

I asked someone where they skydive. To my surprise there is a little itty bitty airport called Newport State Airport. I have never ever noticed an airport on the island before, it must just be for private planes (wouldn't that be nice) and the skydivers.

This would be something I would want to do before my time is up here in Rhode Island! I was taking a look at their website: and it looks like you are able to see the whole island and water and everything!! I am itching to do this soon.

Here are some pictures of other peoples jumps and WHEN not if I do this I will take theirs down and post my own!!

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