Tuesday, April 17, 2012


For some odd reason I can never remember the name of this restaurant. I LOVE the food, the atmosphere, the everything but I can't remember the name ever. FIELDSTONES FIELDSTONES FIELDSTONES. Maybe now I can.

Ryan, Sara, Brandon and I went out to dinner after Sara and I got back from our cake decorating class at Michaels, which on a completely unrelated note, SO MUCH FUN!

I was first introduced to this place by my friend Jessica. She said that she and her husband always go there for dinner and I need to try it. Then one night after we saw a movie with her mom we went, and I loved it so much we went back for my birthday!

I have been telling Ryan that I need to take him there because it is so delicious and he would really like it. So last night we finally went.

When you get 4 people at the same table saying how good their individual meal is you know you have found a good place to eat. I got the Patriot Nachos, HUGE HUGE plate piled high with deliciousness. Ryan got Shepard's Pie, said it was really really good. Sara got an Asian Salmon Salad, she said she LOVED it. Brandon got the Sam Adams Beer Battered Shrimp with Fries, he said that his shrimp were huge and really good. So basically everything was amazing like I told them it would be.

Like other restaurants they have specials. The one that I saw was Monday and Tuesday nights Margaritas and Fajitas for $13.95. Who doesn't like specials right?

Fieldstones is in Portsmouth which is the last town on the island if you are heading towards Mass. It is located at 980 East Main Rd. Portsmouth RI.

For more information about this amazing place their website is:


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