Sunday, April 22, 2012

I FOUND A TRADER JOES and other wonderful stores!!!!

It's been a crazy couple of days so sorry for the delay!

I was the happiest girl when I found out there is a Trader Joe's here in Rhode Island. It isn't on the Island but it is here in the state. Anything in RI seems like it is right next door. Trader Joe's is about 35 mins away in Warwick over the Newport bridge.

For those of you who don't know Trader Joe's please never talk to me again. No just kidding, but really go find one right now. Stop reading this, go and then come back and continue reading. It is like adult Disneyland, well actually Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond are adult Disneyland but this is a pretty close second.

Anyway, Sara told me she heard someone say there was a Trader Joe's here, so we looked it up and went there right away and we were so giddy all day long after that! I got things I didn't even need because I was there and felt I needed to buy everything I saw. I texted my sister to see if she wanted anything because, sadly she doesn't have a Trader Joe's. I am so excited I get to send her yummy treats!

Like these dried mango slices!!!! SOOO GOOD!

To our surprise Warwick is crawling with amazing things! Not only is there a Trader Joe's, there is a Chipotle RIGHT across the street from it! Then down the road about a mile is a Whole Foods!! You know you are getting older when you get excited about grocery stores.

That was a wonderful day when I found out these places are right here in our itty bitty state :)


  1. I ALWAYS buy things at Trader Joe's I don't need. My sis used to work at one in Portland, OR. We love it! So glad you found one. And a Chipotle? SCORE!!!