Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome to Newport!

I have decided to start this blog for those who are moving to Newport or just visiting.

I have been in Newport RI for almost a year now. My first question when I got here was, what is there to do?! The answer I got almost every time I asked was "Well there is a good bar scene downtown!" Don't get me wrong there is a good bar scene but being the lame 22 year-old I am, I don't drink often. I was looking for more activity ideas but didn't seem to get any.

Coming from Orange County where there was something to do everyday during every season, there seemed like there was nothing to do here in Newport.

So I have thought that I would write this blog in hopes to help those visiting and moving here to find fun things to do without feeling like all you can do is go out and drink.

I will try to write everyday all the things that I have done so far and things I have heard are fun to do. Those things that I hear are fun I will try to go out and do! I have made (thanks to pinterest) an activity jar of things my husband and I should go out and try. Somethings we have done some we have not. I will also let you all know of great restaurants and food stores to shop :) So day one will start tomorrow but for now.



  1. Looking forward to a visit someday so I'm excited to hear all about RI! Can't wait for more...

  2. I want to visit!It seems so peaceful :)