Friday, April 13, 2012


I know I said I would write about what there is to do in Newport but it is such a small state, it should really be its own town. So there are a number of things to do outside the little town of Newport. On Aquidneck Island there are the towns Newport, Middletown and Portsmouth.

Today Ryan and I went golfing at Newport National in Middletown. It is a golf course I know very well because, well, I work there! I am the beverage cart girl (beer bitch, beer wench, beer lady, hey you girl) haha. Well on the off chance I am not working I get to go play some golf.

It is (I'm not saying this because I work there) a really nice course! It got ranked #1 public golf course in Rhode Island!! You have an ocean view on a nice clear day on about 4 different holes. The maintenance crew really keeps those greens smooth and the fairways clear. The course plays pretty fast in my opinion, all of a sudden you look at your score card and you are on hole 12! I am not saying it is an easy course to play. If you slice it or hook it, OOPS there goes your ball better hit another.

There is obviously the cart going around the course pretty much all day and there is a little shack called "the 7th Hole" it is at the end of 6, beginning of 7 and the end of 8. So you have plenty of chances to get something if you didn't get anything from the beverage cart by then. The course just got BRAND new carts too and they are speedy!

There are a number of other courses around Middletown, Portsmouth and other towns but I have never played at any of them. Why would I, it's competition :) BUT I did hear that Wanumetonomy Golf and Country Club is really nice as well. For how small the state is there are TONS of golf courses around. So if you are coming here and you like to golf better pack up those clubs!!

For more information about Newport National Gold Club here is their website:

^^ Newport National hole #12

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