Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Is Here!!

Winter is over and Spring has sprung. As I am writing this I am at work enjoying the sun and warmth, 62 degrees to be exact. I never thought I would think 62 degrees was warm. This is "winter" weather for California but I guess you start to adapt to the cold living here. Since Spring is here that means Summer is next!! YAY :)

I cannot wait for this summer. There are SO many things I would like to try. Since we moved here July 1st last year, Ryan and I didn't really explore our options for activities because we were so wrapped up in setting up our apartment and making sure we knew where our essential places were.

This summer, WATCH OUT I am going to try to do as much as I can in the 3-4 months of nice weather we have. Which brings me to my next topic, stand up paddle boarding also known as SUP.

I saw it in California wanted to try it.
Heard the celebrities love it, want to try it.
Heard it is a great whole body work out want to try it.

 So why keep wanting? I am doing! So when the water warms up (higher that 50) I am renting paddle boards, going with or without someone. My dad always told me you can't wait for someone else to go out and have a good time or else you wont ever go.

Paddle boarding in Newport should be really fun to be able to go all around the yachts and sailboats. Then maybe stop and grab some lunch downtown. You can either take your board out into Newport harbor or I hear 1st (Easton's) beach is a big place to do it as well.

There are 3 known places in Middletown that rent SUP's but one I always hear about, that I will most likely use, is Island Sports. I can't find much information from their website about rentals but I have been told they do in fact rent boards.

When I do try this out I will be sure to write about it and post pictures from my personal expierence. The good, the bad and the ugly, I will write about it all. I just hope there is no bad, how could there be? Being out on the water in summer there is nothing bad about that. Im sure "awkward" would be a better word than "ugly" but you will hear about it all!!

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